Do You Know What Is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s easiest to think of a VPN as a secure tunnel between two parts of the web. In the same way that nobody outside can see what you are doing in a secret tunnel under the mountain, no one else on the web can see what is happening in your private VPN tunnel. At a more technical level, VPN is a connection method that brings many additional security benefits, especially for anyone who uses a public connection such as at a hotel, airport or library. VPNs can be installed on certain browsers, desktops or laptops, smartphones or routers. The example of its use is simple. If you want to download files using Torrent, then you can use the VPN for it. You just need to find the best country to connect vpn to when torrenting if your country blocked torrent.

Now we go to its history. The history of VPN began in 1996 when a Microsoft employee named (most sources say Gurdeep Singh-Pall) began developing the Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). In 1999, specifications were published and over time, the VPN and the concepts behind this technology have changed drastically.

VPN technology was originally developed only by large companies and organizations for their own purposes, and it was not intended for general users. Companies need secure and private methods to enable communication and file sharing between different offices, and to allow employees to access important files remotely without the risk of unauthorized users stealing sensitive data.

Well, that’s where VPNs take part. They give employees access to a private business network, which allows them to view company data from anywhere in the world as if they were in the office.

Over time, stronger encryption standards began to be applied to better secure business communications.

If you want your internet privacy to be handled seriously, I recommend you use a VPN connection. VPN offers a layer of privacy that cannot be achieved if you access the web directly through an ISP (Internet Service Provider) server.

Although the name VPN is increasing in popularity, not many people know how VPN works.