If you often browse using the internet, of course, you’ve heard the term VPN. Actually this VPN stands for Virtual Private Network or a connection from one internet network to another internet network that is private. Then, what exactly is the VPN function itself? which is the best vpn to use? Here are the reviews that you can see before using it. As a Kiwi, this is often the same as the best vpn nz, NordVPN.

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More secure data security

Data security is the most feared problem by internet users. Especially for companies in banking and finance, both require high-level internet network security to prevent hacking. In the survey ‘Digital Banking in Indonesia 2018’ by the economic consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) as reported by Katadata said that banks could lose 1 million US $ due to cyber-attacks and losses reached 100 million US $.

By using a VPN, events like the one above can be minimized. This is because, in a VPN, the data that has been sent is encrypted properly. So, even though there are hackers who hacked from VPN networks, this hacker may not necessarily decipher the encrypted data. This VPN function creates two large walls that can block cyber attacks and secure data security and confidentiality.

Can authenticate data well

Data theft and hacking on the internet usually occurs because someone often uses internet network sources that are public. As a result, data that enters your computer can be negatively charged and potentially attack data. This is where the VPN function authenticates incoming data. The data will be examined whether the source information is from a trusted source or even a source that has the potential to cause harm.

Usually, VPN also has bandwidth share properties using the Wide Area Network (WAN) Protocol Label Switch (MPLS). This feature will make you more comfortable in surfing. In this authentication process, if successful, the data sent will be safe. Conversely, if it fails there will be a double check on the incoming data.

You can access blocked websites

You certainly have experienced things when you want to open certain sites that can not be because it is blocked by the network provider or by the country. For example, when we look for information about human reproductive health, the site could be blocked because it smells of pornography. In fact, the actual contents of the site explain it from a scientific and biological point of view.

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